Welcome to Gadsden County

Something special seems to happen when you visit Gadsden County Florida. Park the car, stroll a variety of main streets, get immersed in its rich history and culture, and feel the decompression begin.

Main Street America…
It feels like we invented it, and is one of many reasons why we invite people like you to Do Something Original. White picket fences, American flags, quaint restaurants and shops, rich history, amazing architecture, hunting, fishing, boating, hiking, birding, white squirrels (yes you read that right) and so much more. It’s why people rave about this unspoiled and unexpected destination once they’ve had an opportunity to experience it.

The charm of Gadsden County can be found in its small towns like Chattahoochee, Greensboro, Gretna, Havana, Midway and Quincy, where winter, spring, summer and fall are one long celebration. Frankly it doesn’t matter what you do when you come to Gadsden County, or even when you visit, because each time you’ll be uniquely refreshed when you leave.

Gadsden County Florida, just a few miles west of Tallahassee on I-10.