EASTERN CEMETERY (1820’s to Present)
Accessible via Washington Street, viewable from Jefferson Street – Quincy Florida
This cemetery is one of the three of the town’s earliest cemeteries. Western Cemetery is also within this group. Another one, south of town, is now lost. It was originally a burial area for the family and friends of Hezekiah Wilder who was considered to be one of the first settlers in Quincy. His wife, Ann, was the oldest inhabitant of Quincy when she died. Archibald Sumpter, another of the early settlers buried here, was a Native American Trader and opened a trading post. Eastern Cemetery contains many attractive and interesting headstones and monuments.

WESTERN CEMETERY (1820’s to Present)
King Street behind old Quincy High School
Many first and second generation Gadsden families are buried here of which a large proportion were born in Scotland or were of Scottish descent. People in this cemetery were the early political leaders and social elite. One of this cemetery’s most historically important graves is that of Dr. Thomas Y. Henry, the grandson of Patrick Henry, the Revolutionary Patriot from Virginia. Henry was a physician, druggist, representative from Gadsden County to the Secession Convention, Grandmaster of the Grand Lodge of Florida in 1857-58 and Director of Medical Services for West Florida during the Civil War.